C. Recording occurrence of target behavior: scatterplot (# intervals).

1. Select the consumer for whom you want to record behavioral data by hovering on their initials at the top right corner of the screen.


2. Select record behavioral data from the drop down menu.


3. Select proceed to behavioral data collection.


4. Select each target behavior button to enter data.


5. Select interval green button when target behavior occurred.


6. Submit A-B-C data by typing and selecting information in the boxes (if necessary).

  • a. Select time target behavior started.
  •  user_interval_time
  • b. Type antecedent in the box.
  •  user_A
  • c. Type behavior in the box.
  •  user_B
  • d. Type consequence in the box.
  •  user_C
  • e. Select submit button.
  •  generic_submit