L. Out-of-facility event with staff supervision.

1. Select the consumer for whom you want to record data by hovering on their initials at the top right corner of the screen.


2. Select record behavioral data from the drop down menu.


3. Select out-of-facility event with staff supervision..


4. Enter or select all remaining information at the box.

  • a. Select time started. (time the person went away with staff)
  •  user_time_started
  • b. Select time ended (when person came back with staff supervision).
  •  user_away_ended
  • c. Select type of event with staff supervision.
  •  user_events
  • d. Select type of service.
  •  user_services
  • e. Enter provider name in the box.
  •  user_provider
  • e. Enter stated purpose of visit in the box.
  •  user_purpose

5. Select submit button.