C.   Create client profile.

1. Select add/edit to scroll down to client profile.


2. Click on add new client.


3. Type the following client information in the text boxes.

  • a. Type first and last name.
  •  set_client_name
  • b. Type date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD).
  •  set_bday
  • c. Type client initials.
  •  set_client_initials
  • d. Type admission date.
  •  set_admission
  • e. Type UCI number or other identifying number.
  •  set_uci
  • f. Type name of regional center case manager if applicable.
  •  set_manager
  • g. Select sex at the dropdown menu.
  •  set_sex
  • h. Click on box if client is new in the home.
  •  set_new_in_home
  • i. Click on submit button.
  •  set_submit_profile

4. Click on proceed to create database.


5. Repeat steps 1-5 to enter information for another client.